8 Amazing Benefits of Learning French

Jun 04, 2021

French is one of the most widely learned languages in the world and French comes under the top 5 languages with high career prospects. Above 220 million people speak French as of now. It makes French the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. So learning French will be much beneficial for the students after a certain level of education. 

A Truly International Language

People often believe that French is spoken only and only inside France, but they don't know that French is the official language of some other countries too. OIF (the Organization of International French-speaking countries) has reported that there are nearly 1 million learners in the entire world which makes French the second most widely learned language. 
In 5 continents, a combination of English and French is accepted as a medium of communication. This is the reason, in many developing countries, French is taught along with English. 

Learning Only English is Not Enough

Students who are willing to study or work abroad (in Europe or America) have to opt for learning French. This will help them a lot in their career. Students who have completed their studies from the top universities often get the chance in the leading companies and they are required to travel to different locations. 

There is a possibility that the candidates need to interact with the locals for their job purposes. At this time French can serve them to a great extent. As it is known, around 1 million people learn French and 220 million people speak French, there is a very high chance of getting someone with a decent knowledge of French in the surroundings. So, learning French will help the learners to interact in different international locations. 

Job opportunity

Better Job Opportunities

A French-speaking person is always ahead of others who don't know French. A candidate who knows one more language has the advantage of getting selected in MNCs.

Actually, a multilingual candidate is expected to be good with communication. As a result, the company can grow international business relationships with the help of multilingual people. 

On a resume, knowing French is excellent quality and it enhances the chance of getting a job. These types of candidates are like the assets of the company. 

Better Salary

Even though 1 million French learners are there, not all the learners are pro. Therefore, the companies are looking for candidates with decent fluency and accuracy in French. 

These candidates draw a pleasant salary and sometimes these candidates are hired in international companies because of their French skills. These candidates get hikes faster than other candidates because almost all the industries have a need for candidates with decent proficiency in French. 


An Improved Personality

A person knowing a foreign language has the capability to be the center of attraction. Their personality gets improved while learning and practicing the language. This improvisation is itself an advantage when it comes to apply for jobs. 

Knowing a language makes the candidates brighter and smarter than before. It ensures a good quality job interview and good placement for the candidate too. 

Personal development

More Options for Higher Study

For candidates who want to emerge in creative arts, France is like a paradise for them. The rich heritage and culture of France drag a huge number of candidates here every year.

To study in french universities, having a minimum level of proficiency is essential. From film studies to fashion designing, from cultural studies to french history, the universities have a diverse range of course. But to get into any of these courses, a minimum level of proficiency in French is a must. 

Immigration Opportunities

Knowing french brings an opportunity to opt for immigration not just in France, but also in Canada. In Canada, permanent residents are expected to know french as well as English. Both the languages are used officially. In this matter, the candidate needs to take a test in French language like TEF or TCF. 

A Culturally Rich Language

All languages are beautiful with their own features. French is known for its culture, fashion, cuisine, literature, visual arts, and many more aspects. So, learning french helps the learner to dive deep in the world of aesthetic beauty and pleasure. Even if the learner has no study or work purpose, they can use it while traveling to France. They can get the essence of local culture by using the language. 

To sum up, French language is a beneficial language to everyone. No matter if you have higher studies plans or professional objectives, learning french will serve you in a specific way. So, learning french will never be futile. Students must try to learn the language from their high school levels to improve their chances of selection everywhere. So, hire a french tutor by contacting MyPrivateTutor. 


A blogger turned content editor, Rachita curates the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Thailand. She loves researching and she is fascinated by the unusual facts that come by. Apart from education and e-Learning, she loves to write on sustainable fashion, food, movies, and social media trends. 

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