Best Online Short-term Teachers’ Training Courses of 2021

May 21, 2021

The career option of teaching is open to all - candidates with a certain qualification can apply for teaching jobs. However, a degree in teaching methods and pedagogy is considered to be an essential criterion. A qualified individual without these teaching courses is less eligible for teaching junior, middle, and senior classes. But, the good news is these courses can be done from anywhere - schools are not very specific about it. Online courses and sometimes entry-level courses are accepted. Some online short-term free/paid courses on teaching courses are also available. Let's find out: 

Learning to Teach Online

This teachers' training degree is available in Coursera and originally, UNSW (Sidney) offers this course. Approximately, it takes 19 hours to get completed; however, it comes with a flexible deadline.

The main components of this course are: 

  • Technologies related to online teaching
  • Planning online education
  • Engagement in online class
  • Assessment strategies
  • Use of different online resources
  • Evaluation process
  • Ways of motivating students
  • Setting question answers

This is an entry-level course and after successful completion of the course, students will automatically get printable and sharable certificate from the University. Even after having a 4.5-star rating and above 130k enrolled students, this course is free. Get enrolled by clicking here

Supporting Children with Difficulties in Reading and Writing

This course is exclusively designed to teach differently-abled students. Teaching methods of these teachers will be a bit different from another regular teachers. University of London, UCL Institute of Education and Dyslexia and Literacy International (a nonprofit organization) jointly offer this course. Approximate duration of the course is 18 hours (flexible). Course contents are:

A candidate after completing this course can get a position in a school for special children - however, some more training will be required before enrollment. Syllabus of this course include:

  • Overview of teaching models
  • Dyslexia and its identification
  • Psychological aspects of these children
  • Social aspects
  • Comorbidity
  • Practical teaching approach 
  • Study skills 

This is also a free course - you can click here to enroll yourself. 

Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Introduction

This course is from Commonwealth Education Trust and this course holds a 4.6 rating in Coursera. Syllabus of this course includes:

  • Overview of teaching as a profession
  • Learning models
  • Classroom identification
  • Change learning system

The approximate duration of this course is 8 hours and to enroll in this course, candidates can click here

Get Interactive: Practical Teaching with Technology

University of London and Bloomsbury Learning Exchange offer this course to the teachers to encourage them to use technology while teaching. At present, the use of technology made learning a fun activity and children enjoy learning in this way. Syllabus of this course include: 

  • Use of multimedia while teaching
  • Methods of encouraging the learners to join
  • Attractive content creation
  • Assessment and feedback technique

A lots of videos and panel discussions are given as study material in this course. It is only a 15-hours course but it offers extensive learning outcomes to the students. Click here to enroll. 

Teach Anybody Anything: Reach Any Learner Anywhere

This course from Udemy is designed for the teachers who are struggling with online teaching techniques. This course offer guidance on

  • Teaching children and adults
  • Engaging teaching strategies
  • Understanding students' needs

This course helps the long chain of online tutors too, because a qualified tutor without any teachers' training may face some difficulties to get students. This course focuses on helping individuals to understand their strengths and develop a teaching strategy of their own. This is a paid course but discounts are available. Click here to register. 

New Learning: Principles and Patterns of Pedagogy

Pedagogy is an essential part of teaching and candidates who are willing to come in the field of teachi9ng must have an idea of it. This exclusive course from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers a brief understanding of pedagogical concepts. Course contents of this 15-hour course are:

  • Course Orientation
  • Overview of New Learning
  • Didactic and Authentic education
  • Transformative Education

This course is for those who want to learn the teaching architecture and teach by following the methodologies. Click here to enroll. 

So, it is up to the teacher which course to take - but completing at least one course is essential to have an idea about the main concepts of teachers’ training programs. Full-time teaching courses are 1-2 years long and before choosing one, candidates have to be very careful. These short-term courses help them in selecting the exact program they need. Until the full-time course is completed, candidates can get Online English teaching jobs in Thailand from e-learning platforms. MyPrivateTutor is a good platform for aspirants to get part-time teaching jobs in Thailand. 


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