7 Free Resources for Learning English Online

Jul 21, 2021

English is a much-needed subject for all the purposes in all the countries. Be it education purpose or professional purpose, English is essential everywhere. To learn English, candidates use different resources. There are free and paid resources available to learn English. Here, we will discuss the free resources to learn English. Among the free resources, educational apps are the most popular ones. Here are the top 7 English learning apps:

LearnEnglish Grammar (UK edition) - The British Council

British council

To learn English, British Council is one of the most trustworthy names and this is why we are keeping this app in the very first position. The reasons for recommending this app are: 

  • English grammar lessons of basic to advanced level questions
  • 100 practice questions
  • Self-paced learning format
  • Huge vocabulary stock
  • Option to test your knowledge after practice
  • No charges for premium use - all the features are available for all

For years, this app is guiding the learners very well and it is nothing less than a full-length English book. 

Get this app for Android and iOS

BBC Learning English 


BBC Learning English is probably the best educational app to learn English for free. Some of the exciting features of this app are:

  • Huge vocabulary collection
  • Good stock of grammar lessons
  • News clips with subtitles for vocabulary and pronunciation lesson
  • User-friendly interphase
  • Daily update of the lessons

Learners can definitely opt for BBC Learning English for the daily practice of English. 

Get this app for Android and iOS 

Duolingo: Learn English Free


Developers of Duolingo claim that 34 hours of practice with this app is equal to the learning materials available in one semester of any university-level English course. We also recommend this app due to several reasons. Here are a few things Duolingo can offer: 

  • A game-like setting to make the lessons interesting
  • Virtual coins that unlock higher-level lessons 
  • A leader board to show the top ranker and play against them
  • Separate vocabulary and grammar lessons
  • Progress tracker
  • Personalized app to recommend the lessons as per the needs 

Therefore, candidates who want fast results in their English language skills need to use it now. 

Get this app for Android and iOS 



This app comes with a unique feature of teaching own language in exchange for learning a language from others. This reason makes HelloTalk a truly language exchange app. Some other exciting features of this app are: 

  • Sufficient scope of interacting with real English speakers
  • Voice record option for pronunciation practice
  • Translation option
  • 15 million members knowing almost 150 different languages to interact with
  • One on one lessons

This is one of the best apps for non-English speakers who want to learn and speak English like a pro. For this, maximum practice is needed and this app focuses exactly on that. 

Get this app for Android and iOS  



Grammarly is only and only for the learners who want to bring perfection in their English writing skills. At the time of writing in any word processor, we tend to make typing or grammatical or punctuation, or structural errors. Grammarly is designed to alert the writers and recommend corrections. Some more features of this app are: 

  • Spelling and grammar check on Google Doc or MS word
  • Checks punctuation errors and recommends a corrected version
  • Recommends synonyms to bring perfection in the writing
  • Recommends next word 
  • Plagiarism checker is available in the premium version

In mobile, the candidates can use Grammarly keyboard throughout to write anything correctly. 

Get this app for Android and iOS

Hello English

Hello English

Hello English is exclusively designed and developed for learners who want some serious and visible improvement in their English skills. Hello English features the following facilities: 

  • 23 languages to learn and practice
  • Audiobooks, and video tutorials to make the theories and rules easy
  • Game-like app
  • A dictionary to help the learners in improving their vocabulary
  • Complete reading, writing, and listening assistance 
  • Offline support (no data needed)
  • Real teachers for one-on-one support

This is a good help for the learners of non-English countries to develop language skills or prepare for any standardized test.

Get this app for iOS, Android, and Windows.



Memrise should be the choice of the learners who wants complete speaking guidance. Some top-rated features of this app are: 

  • Fun and easy ways of learning new words
  • Memorizing techniques 
  • Complete pronunciation guide
  • Offline support to practice anytime
  • Challenging lessons cum games on vocabulary and grammar lessons

This app comes with paid features and the candidates need to consider whether they need the paid features or not. 

Get the app for Android or iOS.

The learning apps show that the learners will never fall short of the resources until they have the need to learn. English learning apps are so many to choose from and these are only a few among those. By opening Google PlayStore or AppStore, learners can easily get the apps. 


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