Tips to Become a Science Tutor for High School Students

May 25, 2021

High school science is a complicated subject and the students often need additional help. Science tutors are one of the handiest solutions for this additional help. Now, to be a good science tutor, there are some specific eligibility criteria, especially when the learners are high school students. Find out whether you meet those criteria or not:

An Excellent Academic Record

In the very beginning, it is mentioned that high school science is not very easy - to teach those concepts, one has to be very much qualified. Sometimes a bachelor’s degree is not enough to teach these complicated matters to the learners. A science tutor of the high school students may need to hold a postgraduate degree too. 

Knowledge of the Boards

High school also includes the board exams - therefore, a science tutor of high school students must have the ideas of board exam syllabus and exam pattern. There can be recent changes in the exam. Syllabus may include something new or can be reduced. A tutor has to be careful about all these. Unless a tutor is aware of these updates, he or she will not at all be able to offer effective tuition to the students. Therefore, having knowledge of the boards is essential. 

Creativity to Demonstrate Practicals 

Science is not a subject that is solely based on theories - practicals are an essential part of it. Now, a science tutor may think that the students have learned enough of the practicals in the school laboratory. It is wrong - there is nothing enough to learn science. 

Demonstrating practicals

A tutor may not have the equivalent gadget or options to demonstrate the practicals. But what they do is taking the help of online resources. During the lab session, the students have group sessions - they may fail to understand the results and simply note what their teacher said. 

But the tutors with the help of online resources can help the students to understand what is exactly happening in the experiment and write the results on their open. YouTube videos are excellent results in this matter. Plus some experiments can be conducted at home with simple objects. 

Free Communication with Students

When we speak about science - we constantly have 3 distinct subjects in our mind; physics, chemistry, and biology. No matter what the subject or chapter is, tutors have to be comfortable teaching that. 

experienced science tutor

The school teachers have a specific time to complete their syllabus and that’s why they sometimes teach an overview of the subject and skip the rest. The students should be taught the entire chapter in detail and this is the duty of the tutors. 

While offering tuitions to high school students, the ability of teaching is more important than the qualifications. A tutor can hold a post-graduate degree and still uncomfortable in teaching; whereas a graduate tutor is doing the same satisfactorily. While offering tuition, a tutor has to understand the tutees’ perspective. Choice of words, teaching method, and style must depend on the tutee on the other side. 

Encouraging Attitude

A tutor has to encourage the tutee no matter how slow the student is. A good tutor must help the learner in doing the homework or assignment, but the tutor will not do the projects on behalf of their students. 

It may take time for a slow learner to do the entire project by himself/herself. The only thing that can help them to pace up is the encouragement of the tutors. So, they need to encourage the students throughout and make them believe that they can do everything. This positive attitude is something very contagious and the student will gradually believe in own abilities. 

Encouraging student

Test and Feedback Facilities 

Testing is another important part of tutoring. A tutor has to know how much the student is understanding the lesson. For this, taking frequent tests is essential. 
But a test must not be a simple question-answer and grading. Tutors need to provide feedback after each and every test. This feedback must be constructive and encouraging, no matter how low the grade is. The feedback coupled with encouragement will help the student to improve the grade in future. 

Wrapping up

So, to become a science tutor for high school students, a tutor must be qualified enough and know the latest updates of the education board. Along with this, tech-savviness and creativity will help the science tutor a lot at the time of tutoring. If you have all these qualities, you qualify even as an online science tutor and you can get students in MyPrivateTutor. 


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