How to Use Online Resources for a Better Education?

Apr 05, 2021

In the new age learning, digital resources play a vital role. Currently, be it school studies or college studies, or any globally accepted exam-related studies or learning anything, the students are taking help of online resources. Digital resources are the combination of technology and education and proper use of these resources is necessary to get the best results.

A Working Laptop or Computer or Smartphone

The primary requirement for using digital resources for education is to have a computer or a laptop. Currently, the schools and universities are offering online classes, the students have to attend the zoom calls and Google meets daily. All their classroom activities are now shifted to the virtual classroom. 

A computer or a laptop is the gateway to enter that virtual world. It is okay to use a smart[phone instead of a laptop or a computer, but in some cases, there are a few applications that will need only a laptop or a computer. 

In some cases, the views can be spoiled due to the use of a smartphone. To use the digital resources to the fullest, we recommend the learners to use their computer or laptop.

working computer

24x7 Internet Connection

Just like the previous one, internet is also of prime importance to use online resources for education. During online, the students will need to upload and download several copies and 24x7 internet will be required by them. 

There are very few features or apps that can run in offline mode. To attend the online calls, webinars, an internet connection is a must. Students often use hotspots from their mobile phones - this is okay but having wifi connection can ensure the students a seamless connection. They can stay tension-free as they will never run out of data. There are many students whose exams are hampered due to interrupted net connection. To prevent this issue, get a good internet connection today. 



In online education, not all the resources are available for free - sometimes the students need to get a subsctri[ption and sometimes they need to purchase the materials. For example, there are paid features in apps - until you pay, you will not be able to use all the features. For another instance, some e-books are paid and you have to pay for it to get the full version. 

Students are often found complaining regarding the software is lagging and features are not available - they simply need to get the subscriptions by paying. 

Proper Audio and Video Support Gadgets

Different software and applications have different requirements - some may not run in mobile, some others are meant only for mobiles. Some need a particular version and some others need proper devices to work. For example, video conferencing needs proper audio and video supports. 

The pre-built webcam needs the installation of a driver and for voice inputs, headphones with a mic may be needed. Check these requirements previously to have hustle-free learning. 

Web cam and headphone

Permission Setting 

Different applications need permission of accessing different features of your device. Some may need to access the contacts or camera or location. Until these permissions are given, the app or the software will not function properly to offer the best education assistance.  

Confident Interaction 

Virtual learning needs the students to be very interactive and confident. In a group call, there can be more than 20 students. Here, a student has to find his/her own ways to allow his/her voice to be heard by the teacher. 

In case, they are not getting a response during the group call, they can mail the teacher personally. It is up to the student how they will interact with their teacher. 

Not just teachers, several students take help from online tutors for additional assistance in their lessons. Some of these tutors consider their job as part time tuition jobs - in future, they may opt for a different career path. Therefore, it is the duty of the students to get their doubts to be cleared by their tutors. 

interacting with teacher


The students are getting mixed results by using the digital resources. For example, a few find these resources very helpful and they obtain a satisfactory outcome of their education. On the other hand, some other students find the non-digital resources to be the best and they cannot use the digital resources properly. As a result, they fail to secure a satisfactory score. 

The digital resources are not necessarily bad - the students need to use the resources properly to get the most of them. This checklist can help them a lot to ensure a better education.  


If you are unable to make the most of online learning, you are probably using the online resources improperly. Check how can use use the online learning resources fully and get the best education. 


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