How to make Kids do their homework!

It’s difficult for the parents to find time from their busy schedules and help the kids with their homework. But it’s an important step towards your kid’s academic success. As a parent, it is your job to make sure your kid performs well in school. At times you may feel anxious a

Sep 17, 2021 Academics

Career Prospects of Learning English Language

English is not just a language anymore, and it has become the basic need for communication. In this world, more than 1.35 billion people speak English, and most of them aren’t even native speakers. That shows how much influence this language has over people. English is the most accepted lan

Aug 04, 2021 Academics

7 Most Helpful Websites to Learn Math Quickly

Math is sometimes considered the toughest subject for the students. To help the students in learning math through a fun learning exercise, math experts developed several websites. Along with teaching math to the students, these websites include different resources which clear the mathematical con


STEM vs. STEAM: The Importance of Arts

STEM and STEAM are two very important terms in educational parts, but the difference between these two terms is minimal. STEAM is an enhanced version of STEM. Let’s find out the details of both and understand which one is better. 

Jun 15, 2021 Academics

Tips to Become a Science Tutor for High School Students

High school science is a complicated subject and the students often need additional help. Science tutors are one of the handiest solutions for this additional help. Now, to be a good science tutor, there are some specific eligibility criteria, especially when the learners are high school students


Best Online Short-term Teachers’ Training Courses of 2021

The career option of teaching is open to all - candidates with a certain qualification can apply for teaching jobs. However, a degree in teaching methods and pedagogy is considered to be an essential criterion. A qualified individual without these teaching courses is less eligible for teaching ju


IB Math AA and IB Math AI - Which one to take?

IBO offers diploma courses on math and these courses are on-demand among students worldwide. Syllabus of IB Math has changed drastically over the years. IB math courses are designed to develop mathematical knowledge along with the logical, analy


Multiplication Tips for Faster Calculation without Calculator

There are a number of exams where the use of a calculator is allowed. But till a certain level of education, a calculator is restricted and the candidates have to calculate large numbers on their own.  Even if we skip the exams of global levels, different board exams, as well as fi