6 Exclusive Tips For Online Science Tutors

Mar 22, 2021

Science is such a subject that can make the learners interested only if taught properly. Now the schools are operating remotely and teachers are taking the scheduled online classes. The lessons of online classes often remain unclear as a result, the students often take help of online science tutors to understand the lessons in a better way. 

Online science tutors need to keep in mind that their target is to 

  • Explain the lesson in easier words
  • Make the students interested to go deeper and know more

To do both, the science tutors need to go beyond the bookish description of the science subjects.  Here are a few tips for online science tutors to make their tasks easier. 

Consider the Learning Capacity of the Students to Pace Up

The flow of tutoring is directly dependent on the learning capacity of the student. A slow learner will grasp the lessons in much time, plus they need easier explanations of the concepts. On the other side, average candidates take moderate time and creamy learners grasp the lessons really fast.

Therefore, an online science tutor needs to consider the capacity of the learner. An online science tutor must not hurry to finish the syllabus – rather, he/she needs to focus on learning itself. For a subject like science, a clear idea of the lessons is more helpful for the students and an online tutor has to focus on that. 

Repeat Several Times

Students may need the same explanation several times – as a tutor you have to do the same. At the time of doing so, remember, explanations need to be easier than the previous one. 

Also, make sure not to move to the next part of the lesson without clearing the previous section. This will make the further learning procedure more complex for the student.

Take Help of YouTube Lessons

If you are an online science tutor, you can take help of YouTube. There, you can find an easy and creative explanation of almost all the science chapters. To make the learners interested in the science concepts, the target of the tutors is to avoid the bookish descriptions. 

creative science tutor

They can use the clay models to represent different factors. Over the net, a handful of creative ideas are available to enhance your online class. You can show the clips directly or you can simply take ideas from those clips to customize your class. 

Also, you will get the idea of DIY experiments that you can show during the online class and make the students more interested. Also, you can pre-plan these DIY science experiments with the learners so that learners too can do the experiments at home with you. 

Refer to the Previous Lessons 

Completing a chapter does not mean not looking back to it further. A science tutor needs to refer to the previously taught lessons almost every day. It will assure that candidates have not forgotten the previously taught lessons. 

As a result, at the time of exams, it will be easier for them to recall everything and write the answers correctly.

Surprise Tests and Feedbacks

To ensure they learned the lessons properly, take surprise tests. At least take a 15-20 minutes’ test every week and a long-duration test every month. These tests are essential to check the exam readiness of the candidates. 


Once the exams are taken and checked, do not forget to include your feedback on the papers of each test. In case, the students have done better than their previous test, give them small rewards. If they need improvement, be polite to them and have a discussion on what is the most difficult for them. Have a discussion with parents too. 

Understand the Pattern of Mistakes

A tutor has to understand the pattern of tutees’ mistakes. It is possible that the related chapters are unclear to the students and that is the reason for their mistake. To resolve this, the tutors need to explain all those related lessons again that too in easy words.  All these will compositely lead the students towards a good score in science as well as interested in the subject to study further. 

Final Words 

So, it may not seem an easy task to be an online science tutor – you must have the interest to spread your knowledge in different ways to the tutees. For this, you should have the love to learn the latest online science tutoring methods. If it seems do-able, register with us today and become a tutor.


Are you an online science tutor? Check the exclusive science tutoring tips to make your journey as a tutor smooth and easy. 


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