Tips to Follow While Writing in English

Apr 14, 2021

Writing English appears easy to many while a number of people find it very struggling. The main reason behind this difficulty is the inability to understand the topic and make a format. An idea of the topic and proper format are the key features of writing anything in English. 

Here, we are offering a few fruitful tips to improve your English writing skills. Following these writing tips daily will result in a better writing skill. 

Use A Template

To write anything, it becomes very important to follow a template. For a piece of academic writing like assignments, dissertations, proposals, paragraphs, essays, editorial letters, report writing, there is a specific template. The best way to format your writing is to follow the template. 

The reason why these templates are essential to follow is 

  • The template divides the entire writing into different paragraphs
  • Describes the content of the paragraph
  • Mentions the number of sentences in each paragraph
  • Mentions the percentage of total word count in each paragraph

So, the students or the professionals have to follow these templates to write accurately. It is not that only the students need these templates. Professionals also sometimes need to write different documents like business plans, business letters, emails, and more. Unless the professional is aware of the exact format of these writings, they will not be able to give their 100 percent. So, the templates are equally important for the professionals as well as for the students. 

Understand the Topic

Right after understanding the topic, it is important to understand the topic. The topic can be familiar or unfamiliar to the writer. In case, the writer has an idea of the topic, it becomes much easier for them to write on it. 

But, it will not be an issue even though the writer is unfamiliar with the topic. In such scenarios, the writer has to research the topic. It will not be difficult;t to take help of google and research on the topic and find out the data they need to include in their writing. 

understanding a topic

Jot Down the Points and Make Subheads

No matter what type of English writing it is, it is important to make subheads, especially if it is academic writing, you have to make the subheads. These subheads need to be given very carefully so that at a glance overview of the writing becomes clear o the reader. 

Your writing will be successful only if a reader understands the gist of your writing by reading the introduction subheads and conclusion. 

Noting points

Gather Data, Reasons, and Examples 

In the paragraph, whatever you are writing, you need to include reasons, examples, and data in your support. Without these supporting elements, your writing may look very baseless. As a result, the writing may appear to be a generic one and people may not find interest in it. 

Interrelated Paragraphs 

No matter what you are writing, the paragraphs of your writing need to be interrelated. For example, the body paragraphs of paragraphs must seem connected. Yes, you can show a contradiction in consecutive paragraphs, but a reader while reading the paragraphs back to back, they must find that both are closely related. 

Have a Grammar Check

While writing English, we recommend having a grammar checker on the word processor. While typing, the candidates can make a lot of typos too. In case the candidates are writing in any notepad, the candidates may get the writing proofread. It will point out a number of mistakes. 

The reason behind so many mistakes is the writers write on a flow and they not pay attention to all the words and sentences while writing. Checking at the time of writing may ruin the flow of writing too. It will reduce the writing speed as well as the candidates may forget what they were actually writing. Grammarly app is an excellent selection here. 


Keep Things Simple 

At the time of writing, we recommend the candidates to write using simple English. Simple sentences with simpler words are very scoring and understandable. On the other side, complex sentences with mixed-up tense and verb forms will increase the possibility of mistakes. The same factor is applicable when a candidate uses long sentences. So, avoid all these and keep everything simple. 


To conclude, the students need to need to be specific on what they are writing and follow a template while writing. They may gather materials in support of their claims by thorough research and proofread them. English Tutors can help them in improving their writing skills too, so hire one today. 


If you are confused about how to start your academic or professional writing in English, follow these effective writing tips. It will not just help in improving your score in English, but it will also enhance your English language skills. 


A blogger turned content editor, Rachita curates the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Thailand. She loves researching and she is fascinated by the unusual facts that come by. Apart from education and e-Learning, she loves to write on sustainable fashion, food, movies, and social media trends. 

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