7 Tips to Speak Chinese Mandarin Like a Pro

Mar 27, 2021

Learning a language requires a lot of effort - when the language is Chinese Mandarin, we believe that it will take even more time and effort to master it. But in reality, Chinese mandarin is not that hard as it is considered. Rather, it can be mastered easily if the learners follow a few tips while practicing the language. Here are a few tips that can help you in speaking Chinese Mandarin like a pro:

Focus More On Listening

Once you get a little familiar with the language, basic grammar, and common words, focus more on listening to the language. This will help the learners to understand the different tones (high flat, rising, dipping, and lowering) of the language. In Chinese Mandarin, a single word is spoken in different tones and each of these variations has a different meaning. 

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By focusing more on listening, one can understand the differences in a better way and this will help them in achieving better speaking skills. Be it dialogues, or songs, or just a random YouTube video or podcast, listen to it. You can listen to the radio and watch Chinese movies and cartoons. 

Recognize The Patterns 

As mentioned earlier, recognize the patterns of Chinese mandarin to learn the variations faster. These patterns are even more important compared to the grammatical rules.

Remember, to speak a language, framing the sentences with correct words is more important than making them grammatically correct. Framing correct sentence makes speech fluent and grammatical correctness add more charm to it. 

To understand the pattern, the first and foremost task will be to understand the rhythm of the language. For this, one needs to listen to the conversations thoroughly.  

Be An Avid Reader

Listening will help the learners to understand the pattern and rhythm of the language and reading will supply a handful of words to them. So, once you become comfortable in listening to the language, read Chinese Mandarin as much as you can. This is also a good exercise to understand sentence structures and know new words. 

Irrespective of the topic, keep reading. While reading. Also focus on knowing the local literature, history, and politics. Keep a dictionary with you so that you can translate the Chinese mandarin words into English fast. 

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Start Speaking The Basics and Shift To Counting

When you start speaking Chinese mandarin, start with the basic words, like the greetings, and start conversation questions and answers. Next to it, move to counting. The use of Pinyin can pace up your learning to a certain extent. 

Speak Without Worry

While listening or reading try to repeat the sentences. You may speak incorrectly – but keep saying. Developing a habit of speaking a language is important to speak any language no matter it contains several mistakes. 

While speaking, try to make your sentences simple with easy words. To speak a language, you have to memorize its vocabulary. In case you have fewer words in stock, keeping the speech simple will be the smartest idea.  

Make A Daily Schedule

In a day, make different slots for different exercises. Start your day, with listening, and then move in reading. Continue the speaking exercise in between these. As your main target is speaking Chinese mandarin, you have to devote your time more to speak. But listening and reading will indirectly pace up your speaking skills. So, continue all three exercises simultaneously. Do include the combo exercises like 

  • Reading aloud to exercise reading and speaking together
  • Dictations to exercise listening and writing together
  • Also, read during dictation task to include reading in the previous combo activity

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Practice, Practice, and Practice

To learn a language, practice is the key – it is better if you practice with someone who knows the language well or a professional. You may hire a Chinese mandarin tutor or you can simply practice with a native Chinese mandarin speaking friend. 

Why Is It Necessary to Speak Chinese Mandarin?

Chinese Mandarin is one of the biggest spoken languages – nearly 1 billion people speak this not just in China, but also in Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia, and Taiwan. So, if you want to travel or expand your career in these countries, speaking Chinese Mandarin will be an advantage for you. 

In China, not all the locals know English – they speak mandarin. As a traveler or job seeker, capability of reading and writing Chinese mandarin will not be much helpful. But speaking it will help you to have a better impression on the locals.  


So, if your target is to speak Chinese Mandarin like a pro, you have to keep your practice on at any cost, it may seem hard, but you cannot give up. Take expert’s help or study online, learning Chinese mandarin is not that tough if you have the will. 


Chinese mandarin is considered to be a tough language to learn, but by following a few tips like maximizing listening exercise, byhearting the patterns, and more, this language can be learned easily. 


A blogger turned content editor, Rachita curates the blogs for MyPrivateTutor Thailand. She loves researching and she is fascinated by the unusual facts that come by. Apart from education and e-Learning, she loves to write on sustainable fashion, food, movies, and social media trends. 

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