Tricky Ways to Master a Language Faster

Apr 30, 2021

Learning a language takes much time - but currently, it is proven that with proper dedication and practice, it is possible to learn a language in record time. No matter what language it is, we have found tricky ways to master a language faster. 

Use the Language All the Day

Using the language all day speeds up the entire learning process. To learn a language faster, the learners need to use their own local language only for needs. Their chief target will be to read, speak, and write in the language they are learning. Even for entertainment, there must not be an exception. Learners need to watch movies, listen to songs, and read books in that specific language. 

It does not just help the learners to learn new words - it also helps them to understand the communication style of the language itself. Altogether these speed up the learning process. 

Get a Partner to Practice

While learning a language, it may not be possible to get the instructor every time you need. So, you will need a practice buddy. Find someone nearby or use social media who is learning the same language. 

It really does not matter if your partner is learning the same language for a long time - he/she will need a practice buddy just like you. Practice reading writing and speaking with the buddy and allow your practice buddy to do the same. 

Practicing language with friend

Read articles, news, story or anything in that particular language in the presence of your partner or write something and send it to your buddy. Do not forget to speak in that language and after each activity review each other. Recommend each other ways to amend the mistakes each one you have done. It is a proven way to learn a language in less time. 

Talk to Yourself

Even though you have an instructor and a practice buddy, you will have to talk to yourself. It enhances confidence to a great extent and you will be used to it. 

Some learners practice the language only in the presence of their teacher or instructor or practice partner. But the fact is none of them can give the company for the entire day. To learn a language faster, getting used to the language by using it the whole day is important. Talking to yourself is important in this regard. 

No matter you have a listener or not, just speak. If possible record your voice and listen how your voice sounds in that language. It will gradually make you comfortable in that language. 

Listening own voice

Set Realistic Goals to Learn With Fun

Having fun while learning too is a proven way to speed up language learning. Our advice to the learners is “DO NOT SET AN UNREALISTIC GOAL”. It will increase the pressure and ultimately, it will spoil your learning. 

Instead, set realistic goals which you can meet easily or exceed the goal. It will offer satisfaction to the learner and they will feel more interested to exceed the goad on the next day too. This enjoyment is very important while learning a language. 

According to psychologists, until you enjoy the lesson, you take the subject of learning as a burden. Therefore, try to enjoy what you are learning and master it in lesser time. 

Maximize Practice with Online Resources

Perfection in a language cannot be achieved without enough practice. So, it is pretty obvious that you need to practice more and more. For this, you need online resources - install different apps for that particular language. Additionally, there are several websites to practice the language. Use the YouTube tutorials too. 

Learning language with online resources

Bring Out the Child In You

While learning a new language, you have to learn it from the scratch. Remember how you used to learn anything in your childhood and bring that child while learning the language. 

A child is never worried about the scores or mistakes - so, they have a different level of comfort and confidence. You will need exactly these two things to learn a language.
See, no matter how perfectly you learn a language, mistakes are unavoidable. You may use wrong vocabulary or you may have different pronunciation or accent. You simply don’t need to worry about these - all these will denote that this language is not your mother tongue and you have put a great effort to learn the language. Also, it shows that you are trying to achieve perfection. 

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