7 Most Helpful Websites to Learn Math Quickly

Jun 22, 2021

Math is sometimes considered the toughest subject for the students. To help the students in learning math through a fun learning exercise, math experts developed several websites. Along with teaching math to the students, these websites include different resources which clear the mathematical concepts of the students easily. So, without wasting much time on a wordy introduction, straightway let’s move on to our top 7 picks: 

Patrick JMT

Patrick JMT

For any level of mathematics, Patrick JMT has a solution and tutorial. From 3rd grade to university level math, nothing is excluded here. Some features of this website are: 

  • Clear and detailed video on anything and everything related to math
  • Everything free
  • Different topics of maths (algebra, arithmetic, calculus, differential equations, and much more) are covered in detail 

Patrick is a professional mathematician and he understands what makes students interested and here prepares his tutorials accordingly. 

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving is all about developing extensive problem-solving skills - candidates from grades 2-12 will get the necessary lessons from this website. Some features of this website are: 

  • Detailed discussion on different topics
  • Detailed videos 
  • Discussion forums 
  • In-depth videos on each topic and subtopic
  • Program comparison
  • A book store
  • STEM career-oriented learning
  • Holds complete curriculum of all the grades
  • Expert teachers 
  • Classroom-like setting in a virtual classroom 

This website claim to have over 350,000 active learners worldwide and we really like the video tutorials of Art of Problem Solving. Kids or middle school or high school students dealing with math stress can definitely get some help from this site. 

Buzz Math 


The website of Buzz Math is for learning math in a fun way. This website includes a number of paid facilities and students can opt for “TRY IT” to understand whether it is suitable for them or not. Some features of Buzz Math are:

  • Solutions to the problems of different grades
  • High-quality resources
  • A progress tracker
  • Different badges available after completing several levels and activities
  • individualized questions based on the weaknesses of the student
  • Complete curriculum for grade 1 to 8
  • Audio reading facility of the text
  • Integrated navigation
  • Text correction
  • On-time feedback

This site also claims to have numerous active students and courses are designed exclusively based on the needs of the students. Therefore, weaker students can definitely opt for this website. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan academy is one of the most reliable names when it comes to the tutorials of maths and science. For years, Khan academy is serving the students irrespective of their grades. What we like most about this website are:

  • Covers the syllabus from grade 3-12
  • Sufficient number of resources
  • A pretest to test the candidate right after logging in
  • Most complicated topics of high school maths like calculus, differential equations, and others are discussed in detail
  • Personalized learning based on individual’s needs
  • Helpful contents are available for ACT and SAT math preparation

So, don’t forget to check this website and watch the youtube tutorials of Khan academy whenever you are facing trouble with math. 

Fun Brain

Fun Brain

Fun Brain comes with easy tutorials for grade pre-K to 8 students. This website use games to make math understandable to the students. The makers of this website are aware of the fact that bookish description simply bores the students and that’s why they have incorporated games to make math a real fun learning. Some features of Fun Brain that will make you love this site are:

  • Main resources are videos, games, and comics instead of long lectures
  • Easy to navigate through the games
  • Engages brain with easy problem-solving questions
  • Students learn about the functions and applications of formulas through games and mini-games

For slow learners, this website is a great resource and students will learn complicated mathematical concepts without putting in much effort. 

Education World

Education World

Education World is a popular and reliable website to teach math to students around the world very easily. The main reason behind the popularity of this site is the downloadable files. Students, parents, as well as teachers, find these attachments very useful. Apart from this, some features of this website are: 

  • Featured lessons for grade K to 12 
  • 5-minutes lessons
  • Lesson plan on different subjects and topics 
  • Games to learn with fun
  • Templates on different topics
  • Math crossword puzzles to make the learning process more interesting

Do hit the URL for any kind of assistance in mathematics and prepare for better performance. 

Math Blaster

Math Blaster

Aiming to learn math in a fun way? Math Blaster is here with adventurous lessons and tutorials. This website targets making math less boring and more fun. For this purpose, all the complicated terms are simplified here. The features of this website are: 

  • A wide range of intergalactic themes and games that teach maths very easily
  • A customized avatar of the learner
  • Games to challenge the system players and defeat them with stronger mathematical knowledge
  • Tutorials on easy math tricks to solve problems faster 

To understand math easily, students can hire a math tutor from MyPrivateTutor. They can also check Wyzant, Paul’s Online Math Notes, Arcademics, and Math Goodies


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