Best Work from home Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

May 06, 2021

During covid-19, work from home became a trend and people experienced immense benefits of working from home. Now, many people are looking for full-time work from home opportunities, and among them, the number of undergraduate students is remarkable. The reasons why work from home opportunities are in demand are

  • Earning from home while completing graduate studies
  • Gathering experience that can contribute to a better career
  • Completing career-oriented courses by saving journey time

But the problem is not all the remote positions are open for the freshers as well as undergraduate students. So, they have to search for some specific positions.

Customer Service

For this position, a candidate should have excellent communication skills in their own local language and in English. With an experience of some months (5-6 months), the candidates are promoted as customer service executives from trainee positions. Experience of 1 year or more makes the candidates eligible for customer service specialist or other senior positions.

Leading companies often conduct training sessions of 1-2 weeks to make the candidates ready to handle customers. Candidates will either be given mobile or they will get reimbursed for using their own mobile. The position of customer service personnel can be a target-oriented job or a no-target job. In both cases, candidates get a decent salary and other benefits like paid leaves, health insurance, and much more. This work can also be taken on a freelance basis to earn a bulk amount at a go.

Average pay of customer service personal: 36,600 THB per month. 

Customer service

Data Entry 

For data entry jobs, candidates need a decent knowledge of computer functions. Along with this, candidates must have a working computer or laptop and internet connection.

People in data entry jobs need to fill a sheet based on the raw document. The raw material either sent via email or posted to the candidate's address. Complicated knowledge of Word or Excel or Access is not at all needed here. Programming knowledge is also not needed for data entry works. 

There is a possibility of training for this job too and apart from a fixed salary, candidates in this field can earn a huge incentive by entering extra data. Overall, data entry jobs come with a good salary package with some other benefits. Undergraduate students can easily take these courses during their studies.

Average pay of data entry workers: 31,700 THB per month. 

data entry


Typists are mainly hired based on their skills, academic qualifications don't matter here much. In most of the cases, the candidates need to type 55-60 words per minute with an accuracy level of 90%. However, some companies look for lower WPM and higher levels of accuracy. Candidates need to pick the job according to their capabilities. 

For typist jobs, the candidates receive raw materials like books or scripts or any draft written or printed on papers. They may receive it through email or post. Their task is to type the same thing correctly within a time. Having your own system is mandatory here.

Here, the candidates can charge hourly or per word basis, if they are taking it as a freelance task. Full-time typist jobs come with their own salary and other benefits.

Average pay of typists: 31,700 THB per month. 



Candidates who are applying for translator jobs must be efficient in two languages. Plus, having own computer and stable internet is also necessary. 

Just like other profiles, candidates will receive a document in a language via mail or post and they will need to translate and write the document in another language. Both languages must be well-known to the candidates.

For this job, candidates get project-wise pay unless they work as full-time translators. Beginners with good knowledge of the languages can get awesome payment for this position.


Average pay of translators:  90,600 THB per month. 

These are some positions which can be done from home forever. Some companies have also announced these positions as permanent work from home positions. By doing these, companies can save a huge amount and the work-life balance of the employees can be maintained in a better way. Joining salary of the candidates may differ from the mentioned salary a little bit. 

Online Subject Tutor

If a candidate chooses to stick to academics and work independently, they can start as an online tutor. They simply need to register on a good platform and make an eye-catchy profile. They can get students in bulk and offer them individual or group tuition to earn unlimited. Also, it helps them in gathering experience if they wish to work as a full-time teacher after graduation. MyPrivateTutor is an excellent platform for online tutor jobs, don't forget to check it once.

Average pay of online tutors: 300-500 THB per hour

Online tutor

Apart from all these, undergraduate candidates can earn as a YouTuber and as a blogger. For this, excellent content curating ability is needed along with a camera and recording setup. So, select any of these work-from-home positions and maximize your earning possibilities while pursuing graduation.

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