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Frequently Asked Questions

👉 What is the importance of learning Economics?

Learning Economics is essential for several reasons, like-  

Firstly, it helps us understand the fundamental principles of how the economy works, including issues such as inflation, unemployment, and economic growth.

Additionally, studying Economics can provide valuable skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and data analysis, which are highly sought after by employers.

Finally, Economics plays a vital role in shaping public policy, from taxation to trade agreements. Hence, a solid understanding of the subject is important for citizens to make informed decisions and participate in the democratic process.

👉 Why should I consider private Economics tuition?

There are several reasons why you should consider private tuition for Economics. 

  • Firstly, private tuition can provide you with one-on-one support and personalised attention from an experienced tutor, which can help you master the subject and achieve better grades. 
  • Additionally, private tuition can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in Economics and provide targeted support to address areas where you may struggle. 
  • Finally, private tuition can be tailored to your specific learning needs and pace, which can help you achieve your academic goals more efficiently and effectively.

👉 How much do private tutors charge per hour for a session?

The average cost of a private Economics tutor may vary depending on various factors such as location, tutor's experience and the duration of the tutoring sessions.  Additionally, parents or students may mutually discuss on the Economics tutoring session costs with the tutors.

👉 How can I prepare Economics for academic exams?

Preparing for Economics academic exams requires a combination of understanding the key concepts, practising problems and questions, and reviewing and revising your notes regularly. Please make sure to review and revise your notes regularly to reinforce your understanding of the subject. 

Next, practice solving problems and answering questions related to those concepts using textbooks, online resources, and past exam papers.

You can also consider seeking help from a private Economics tutor who can provide personalised support and guidance.

👉 Can they tailor their lessons to match the student's learning style and pace?

Every student has a different learning style and pace, and a good economics tutor should be able to tailor their lessons to match your individual needs. They should be able to assess your learning style and pace and adapt their teaching methods accordingly. You may want to ask the tutor about their teaching approach and how they can adapt it to match your needs.

👉 What is the difference between Economics private tuition and group tuition?

The main difference between Economics private tuition and group tuition is the level of personalised attention and customisation that each provides.

Private tuition involves one-on-one support from a tutor who can tailor their teaching approach to your specific learning needs and pace. This can be especially helpful if you are struggling with specific concepts or need extra support to improve your grades.

Group tuition, on the other hand, involves learning in a classroom environment with several other students. Therefore, while group tuition can benefit some students, it may not provide the same level of personalised attention or tailored support that private tuition offers.

👉 How often should I have private tuition for Economics?

The frequency of private tuition for Economics depends on your individual needs and goals. For example, if you are struggling with the subject and need more intensive support, you may benefit from more frequent tuition sessions, such as once or twice a week. On the other hand, if you are looking for more general guidance and support, you may only need tuition sessions every other week or once a month. Therefore, it's important to communicate with your tutor and discuss your individual learning needs and goals to determine the optimal frequency of tuition sessions for you. 

In LearnPick and MyPrivateTutor, you can find experienced and knowledgeable Economics tutors who can provide personalised support on a schedule that works for you.

👉 Are they comfortable using online platforms for tutoring sessions?

In today's digital age, many economics tutors offer online tutoring sessions using various platforms such as Zoom or Skype. If you prefer online tutoring, you should inquire about the tutor's experience and comfort level.

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