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Halves and Quarters

To differentiate Halves and Quarters using shapes and m...

  • Mathematics

Tips for writing in Spanish IGCSE exam

Here is an example question on EDEXCEL writing the firs...

  • Spanish

Significant figures

" Rules for counting Significant figures" provide guide...

  • Chemistry
  • Science

Clauses and Phrases

To be able to identify and correct sentence errors, it ...

  • English
  • English Language Exams

Ion Identification Tests

This Ppt tests students' knowledge of the ion identific...

  • Chemistry

Electrolysis of molten ionic compound

These Ppt slides outline the electrolysis of molten lea...

  • Chemistry

Grammar: Present Perfect

In this powerPoint presentation, the learners are expec...

  • English

Work & Time

Work & Time is an important topic in the quantitative a...

  • Mathematics


General Aptitude - Percentage. The percentage topic is...

  • Mathematics

Adverbs of Manner

This lessons improves learner's English SKills and its ...

  • English

Solubility and Concentration of Solution

This presentation is your guide to understand the intro...

  • Chemistry

Monohybrid and Dihybrid Practice Problems

This presentation helps you practice and understand how...

  • Biological Science
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