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Electrolysis of molten substances - Intro

In this video, I explain the principle of electrolysis ...

  • Chemistry

Electrolysis of molten substances - practice quest...

In this video, I explore a few examples of the electrol...

  • Physics

Khan Academy Javascript question solution

Khan academy Javascript question solution Explainati...

  • Computer Science

Stoichiometry and percent purity

In this video, we will go over a quite complex Stoichio...

  • Chemistry

Redox and electrolysis review

This mini redox and electrolysis review turns out to be...

  • Chemistry

Tests for identifying reducing and oxidising agent...

In this video I am showing you the chemical tests to id...

  • Chemistry

Deducing the formula of hydrated salts

In this video, I outline the detailed steps of how to f...

  • Chemistry

Limiting reagents - the ICE diagram

This video teaches you how to solve any kinds of questi...

  • Chemistry

Example of Gree Colored Fruits

This is just a sample video of more I can give. In real...

  • English
  • Science
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