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FootStep Phonics - OP Word Family

Start your English language journey with FootStep Phoni...

  • English

Arranging Numbers

This lesson is about arranging numbers from smallest to...

  • Mathematics

Countable & Uncountable Nouns

English Grammar is always tough when it comes to unders...

  • English

Spanish class for Children ( 7-10 years old)

All of our participants attend international schools. B...

  • Spanish

Teaching Philosophy & Methodology

The most effective way to teach. I never forget that ev...

  • English

Solving logarithmic and exponential equations

In this video, I will solve problems using properties o...

  • Mathematics

The Distance Formula

In this video, I derive the distance formula using Pyth...

  • Mathematics

The Quadratic Formula

In this video, I will explain the meaning of the quadra...

  • Mathematics

Finance Essay (Fundamental Concepts for Writing An...

In this video, we go over the rising trend of investing...

  • English
  • Economics

Chinese Demonstration on Idioms

To find out how you could learn chinese or any other te...

  • Chinese

Electrolysis of molten substances - Intro

In this video, I explain the principle of electrolysis ...

  • Chemistry

Electrolysis of molten substances - practice quest...

In this video, I explore a few examples of the electrol...

  • Physics
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